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Concealed roller shutters SP-E

Pre-wall systems make primarily new structures. During the design stage of a building, it is important to plan how to apply such solutions and how to install them to make more effective use of the functional qualities of such systems.

Concealed roller shutters provide excellent thermal insulation as they do not interfere with the construction of windows, doors and lintels. They fit into the facade and make an integral part of it.

The front surface of the roller shutter box is at the same time the base for any finishing material (e.g. plaster or clinker), thanks to which the box becomes an unnoticeable element of the building facade.

The SP and SP-E systems by Aluprof have been recommended by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (PHI), for 165mm boxes and smaller ones as part of passive buildings.

A necessary condition is, above all, that the lintel is properly installed in the previously insulated lintel in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Moreover, the window joinery should meet the appropriate parameters, e.g. the heat transfer coefficient of the window Uw should be less than 0.80 W/(m²K) and Ug coefficient of the glass should not exceed 0.70 W/(m²K).

Besides, application of an independently working mosquito net may be ensured and thus protection against insects as well. 


SKB STYROTHERM adjustable blinds

SKB Styroterm's system of adjustable blinds is a highly technologically advanced solution that significantly improves the energy balance of the building. The IFT ROSENHEIM Research Institute has shown that the proposed solution has an extremely low thermal transfer coefficient (Usb from 0.29 W/m²K), which puts the system in the first place among other products of this type. 

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As in the case of the Opoterm system, installation of the roller shutter consists in direct mounting of the box on the window frame by means of a selected adaptive profile.

Skrzynka pozostaje całkowice niewidocznym elementem fasady budynku. The box remains a completely invisible element of the building facade. It is available in two sizes: 260 x 260mm and 300 x 300mm. Installation of the box is very quick and easy. It consists in direct mounting of the box on the window frame by means of an appropriately selected adaptive profile (by clicking or sliding in).

The well-thought-out design of the system allows to make a single roller blind and a set of roller blinds in one box. Roller shutters as part of the STYROTERM system can be equipped with a mosquito net installed in the box.

The advantage of the new product is also the option to select the way of revision from inside or outside the room.

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SKT OPOTERM adjustable blinds

The system adjustable blinds is characterized by the direct mounting of the roller blind box on the window frame by means of a proper adaptation profile. These profiles mate with the majority of window or door frame profiles made of wooden, aluminium and PVC joinery.

These boxes are made of very good quality PVC elements and their interior has been additionally insulated, thus increasing thermal insulation. The SKT Opoterm roller shutter system has been certified by IFT Rosenheim for thermal transfer.

The Opoterm roller shutter system SKT Opoterm can also be equipped with a mosquito net installed in the roller shutter box (MKT). The integrated system ensures independent operation of the roller shutter and the anti-insect net.

For buildings that have very thin walls and cannot be built on, application of so-called rounded side profile may be ensured. It is a very aesthetic solution, which will certainly fit into any interior. This solution is very common on the French market.


SAFETY PREMIUM anti-burglary blinds

Aluprof was the first Polish system provider to design an innovative system of anti-burglary roller shutters, which, in accordance with the PN-EN 1627:2011 standard, received the third class of burglary resistance. 

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Effective protection is guaranteed, among others, by
- reinforced construction of the guides, which does not allow for bending and pulling out the roller shutter profiles and special reinforcement in the bottom strip, ensuring high rigidity and stability of the shutter curtain. - a ratchet mechanism mounted in the bottom part of the roller blind prevents closed curtain from being lifted
The anti-burglary construction can be used both in adaptive and flush-mounted systems.