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Fences are an indispensable part of modern developments. They not only delineate the space of the property, but also define its character, providing privacy, security and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

modern fences as a showcase of your home


Comprehensive service at every stage of cooperation

We provide a comprehensive and professional service at every stage of our cooperation - from the first meeting, through order processing, to delivery and installation. We are here to ensure that your requirements are met with the utmost care. With our commitment and passion for excellence, we ensure that our clients receive timely delivery and complete satisfaction with our services.


Unique style and durability for years to come

The unique character and robustness of our products are a guarantee that the fence will not only be an aesthetically pleasing feature of the property, but also a sound investment for the future. Our fences are designed with durability and aesthetics in mind, meeting the highest quality standards. We offer a wide range of materials, designs and colours to suit individual preferences and the character of each property. Thanks to proven and carefully selected materials and precise workmanship, our fences retain their beauty and functionality for many years, adding class to their surroundings and providing peace of mind for years to come.


Double-leaf gates are a combination of style, functionality and durability. They provide not only an impressive appearance, but also effective protection for the home and comfort. Thanks to carefully designed solutions and high-quality materials, our double-leaf gates will impress with their appearance and reliability for many years. Enhance the elegance of your property and enjoy the comfort of solid double-leaf gates.


Double-leaf gates add elegance and prestige to any property. Their symmetrical design and impressive appearance make them a frequent choice for those who value aesthetics and sophisticated style. Equipped with advanced opening mechanisms, they ensure convenient use and trouble-free operation for many years. Thanks to automation, they can be easily controlled by remote control or a remote control system. It is worth remembering that bi-fold gates require more space to open, so will not be suitable for properties with limited space along the gate.


  • double-leaf gates are distinguished by their durable and robust construction,
  • the gate is mounted on steel or masonry system posts, and is assembled using mounting plates,
  • the leaves move on hinges which are located in the axis of the gate,
  • the infill may be steel sections or bars – depending on the design, symmetrical wing division (the passive wing has a transom),
  • the manual gate is equipped with a lock and bolt, which are responsible for locking the passive leaf to the ground,
  • in the case of motorised gates, there is no lock or bolt; the locking function is performed by the operator.


  • the wickets have a solid construction and are mounted to steel or masonry system posts using mounting plates,
  • the leaf moves on hinges located in the gate axis,
  • the infill consists of steel rods or profiled sections – depending on the chosen design.


Discover the modern elegance and superior functionality of our sliding gates. This is not only a practical solution, but also an investment in comfort and safety. Sliding gates are an integral part of modern properties and the smooth and effortless opening will make entering the property a real pleasure. Thanks to innovative technological solutions and robust construction, our products are ready to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


Sliding gates are the ideal solution for those who appreciate functionality and modern design. They are more modern and minimalist and therefore perfectly in line with current trends. Sliding gates require approximately 3 metres of space along the gate to the right or left, making them suitable for properties with a short driveway. Not only do they offer smooth and effortless opening and closing, but they also provide security and effective protection for the property.


  • the sliding gate is a self-supporting structure,
  • the load-bearing assembly is placed on the foundation using foundation bolts,
  • the wing moves a few centimetres above the ground, so it is not blocked by anything,
  • the filling may be steel profiled sections or bars – depending on the pattern,
  • the 95×85 mm support rail is fixed to the gate leaf,
  • the running rail is manufactured without waste from galvanised sheet – a unique manufacturing process for one of the most important components of a sliding gate, which guarantees the smooth and quiet operation of the gate,
  • the gate can be mounted on two or three mounting screws,
  • 2 types of roller blind installation


  • safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing,
  • the automatic machine, which is integrated into the steel post of the sliding gate, is the only solution of its kind on the market,
  • automatic gate closing,
  • signal lamp,
  • photocells, which are beams of infrared light that are sent from the transmitter to the receiver and which influence the opening and closing of the door,
  • overload switch.