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Facade Blinds

Keep full control of the light in your interior with our innovative facade blinds.

Facade blinds are not only a decorative element, but also a practical solution for controlling the amount of light entering the house. This is the ideal solution for adjusting the intensity of daylight in a room to suit the user’s preferences and for ensuring privacy.

corner blinds & built-in blinds

Żaluzje fasadowe

Professional and comprehensive service

We provide a comprehensive service that encompasses all stages of the façade blinds process – from precise measurements, to a bespoke design tailored to your needs, to professional production and hassle-free installation. So you can be sure that your facade blinds will be perfectly fitting, aesthetically pleasing and functional. Thanks to our experience and commitment, we guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction at every stage of cooperation.


Functionality at the highest level

Facade blinds act as a sunshade. They protect the interior from excessive heat without restricting visibility to the outside. In addition, they add an interesting and modern design to the building. The function of adjusting the angle of the slats allows the degree of shading to be adjusted according to individual needs.


Product features:

  • Adjusting the daylight intensity of the rooms,
  • They allow maintaining privacy indoors while allowing full access to the view outside,
  • Helping to maintain optimum room temperatures, which translates into lower heating and cooling costs,
  • A functional element of the building giving it a modern and elegant appearance.


Corner Glass blinds are an innovative solution that integrates corner glazing into the shading system, providing optimum protection from the sun’s rays
Żaluzje corner grass


Corner Glass blinds are an innovative solution for corner windows. They provide excellent shading and an elegant appearance, enhancing the prestige of the investment. Thanks to their special design, these blinds fit perfectly into corner windows, eliminating the need for a central guide rail. They offer not only functionality but also aesthetics, making them the perfect solution for modern interiors. Corner blinds can be used for both external and internal corners, provided that the 90° angle is maintained.


We offer thermal insulation and solar control solutions that provide optimum protection for any interior. Our products not only maintain a stable indoor temperature throughout the year, but also effectively reduce excessive sunlight, providing a comfortable indoor environment. So you can enjoy comfort and energy savings, whatever the weather conditions outside.


  • A unique design that blends perfectly with the modern architecture of the buildings,
  • Protection from the sun by shading large corner windows,
  • Integration with glazed corners – the design of the louvres allows precise adaptation to the geometric shapes of the corners,
  • Design without central guide bar,
  • One motor for both blinds,
  • Can be operated electrically – by remote control or switch,
  • Durability and functionality for years to come.


  • black – RAL 9005
  • ultra white – RAL 9016
  • anthracite grey – RAL 7016
  • light grey – RAL 7035
  • grey aluminium – RAL 9007
  • mouse grey – RAL 7048
  • silver – RAL 9006
  • grey – RAL 7038
  • ivory – RAL 1015
  • copper brown – VSR 780
  • metallic grey – DB 703


  • minimum width – 600 mm
  • maximum width – 4500 mm
  • minimum height – 500 mm
  • maximum height – 4000 mm


SkyFlow SZF/BX flush-mounted blinds are an innovative solution that provides excellent control over light intensity and room temperature. Thanks to their advanced design, these blinds fit perfectly into any interior, providing not only functionality but also aesthetics. The flush-mounting option makes them discreet and elegant, while effectively regulating the amount of light entering the room.
Żaluzje podtynkowe


The flush-mounted version of the BX facade blinds was developed for simple and fast installation. They are perfect for both newly built and existing buildings. Because of the way this type of blind is installed, it is advisable to anticipate the possibility of using this solution as early as the design stage of the house.


SkyFlow flush-mounted blinds offer full automation thanks to modern drives from renowned manufacturers such as ELERO and SOMFY. Thanks to their robust design and reliable operation, these drives not only guarantee high reliability, but also resistance to a wide range of weather conditions. With a variety of control options, including individual, group, or with sun and wind sensors, the blinds can be tailored to individual project needs.


  • ivory – RAL 1015
  • anthracite gray – RAL 7016
  • light gray – RAL 7035
  • gray – RAL 7038
  • mouse gray – RAL 7048
  • black – RAL 9005
  • silver – RAL 9006
  • gray aluminum – RAL 9007
  • ultra white – RAL 9016
  • copper brown – VSR 780


  • The cover box is made of bent aluminium sheet and is a finished component,
  • The product comes with dedicated guides in two sizes to facilitate quick surface mounting,
  • Simple and quick installation system,
  • Effective protection against the sun’s rays,
  • Protection of the interior from excessive heat,
  • Free angle adjustment,
  • A modern design that is easy to match with any building character.